Since visiting the V&A museum, I have developed great interest in finding out more about pleating techniques and how these have been in used in couture.After doing some research for my FMP sketchbook, I had a go at manipulating fabric on a stand.I am fascinated by the female form and I am looking to make garments that enhance the curves and lines on the body.My visit to the V&A sparked an interest in garment detailing and couture techniques.I did some research on fabric manipulation and bought a book ‘The art of manipulating fabric’ by Colette Wolff.The book goes into depth on the different techniques used in fabric manipulation showing pleats,darts,gathers and so many other techniques I plan to practice on.I used a bit of calico and started pinning on the stand.As i pinned, I created pleats on one half of the garment and gathers on the other to see what different shapes they form .Using pleats,I worked around the form creating curved patterns,enhancing the bust and waist area.I also used gathers to create a shape and folded over the fabric several times at the waist which gave an interesting effect.I’ve found that working on the stand allows me to be more creative and innovative with my designs so I will be using this method a lot more when creating my patterns.I will be experimenting with some more ways of enhancing the female form as my designs develop.IMG_7474IMG_7487IMG_7494


4 thoughts on “Working on the stand (pleating/gathers)

  1. Hello Yolanda, love your work! I was recently on pinterest looking for a seamstress to create a custom draped collection. I’m on the west coast wondering if your in the area? Have a wonderful evening!

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